Join us for a fantastic family day with our range of fun riding activities this Summer 2024!

Summer Beach Ride / Trail

Every Friday in July, August & September - Arrival 6pm at Crindle Stables

Explore Northern Ireland’s coast with our 2.5-hour Beach Trek, a unique experience of horse riding from the Beach to Downhill Beach.

Duration: 2.5hrs approx


  • Getting to know your horse at Crindle Stables with an assessment session practising stop, steer, trot / a canter (depending on riding ability)
  • Ride along the famous Downhill beach


Riding levels: walk, trot rides OR walk, trot, canter rides

Sunset or Scenic beach ride depends on time of year


Photography not included


TIME: Arrival at Crindle Stables for 6pm

DURATION: 2.5hrs (get to know your horse at the stables, travel to beach ride)

PRICE: £150 per person



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Adventure Ride

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday in July & August

Come join the fun with our Adventure Rides – a fantastic way for the whole family to enjoy horse riding, perfect for beginners and first timers. We make sure everyone feels welcome, including those who are autism-friendly.


Get ready for an hour of fun where you’ll meet your pony, give them a good brush, and even take them for a mini riding session. With competitive horseback games, sure to have everyone having fun or a relaxing trek (weather dependent) through beautiful places followed by pony feeding.


No matter the weather, our adventure ride is perfect for an indoor or outdoor activity! We have indoor and outdoor facilities, making our sessions adaptable depending on the weather. Whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny day, our Adventure Ride is a perfect fit for indoor and outdoor activities in Northern Ireland.


Join us for a day of smiles, laughter, and amazing adventures with our friendly ponies. It’s not just a ride – it’s an hour full of fun!


Ideal for young children & beginners


TIME: 12:30 – 1:30pm


PRICE: £40




OR CONTACT 07738516106



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Countryside trek

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday in July & August

Before hitting the trail, you’ll have the chance to learn the basics of stopping and steering your horse. Our friendly team will guide you through these simple skills, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident before your countryside adventure.


Take a relaxed stroll with our Countryside Trek – a relaxed walk along country paths, off road trails, and open fields, all with the stunning Binevenagh Mountain in the background. Enjoy the calm and fresh air as you soak in the beauty of nature.


While you’re on the trek you may see our horses and ponies or sheep grazing around.


Join us for an easygoing trek that’s not just about the views but also about finding tranquility in the countryside. Let Binevenagh Mountain and our friendly horses make it a memorable experience.


We’ll finish the trek with a trot, a fun and energetic way to cap off your countryside experience.


Ideal for Beginners


TIME: 11:00am – 12pm


PRICE: £40




OR CONTACT 07738516106


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Beginner Riding Lessons

Wednesday & Friday - 5pm, Saturday - 3pm & 3:40pm

Our 30-minute riding lessons are suitable for all ages! Whether you’re taking your first steps in the saddle or honing your skills, our sessions focus on mastering the essentials of steering, stopping, and trotting in a fun and safe way.

Led by our experienced instructors, each lesson ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience for riders of every age group. With weekly sessions offering a variety of engaging activities, you’ll build confidence and competence in the saddle while forging unforgettable connections with our gentle equine partners.

Wondering what age can you start horse riding with Crindle Stables? We can take riders of any age!



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Day at the Stables

Every Tuesday & Thursday in July & August


🐴 Horse Riding Lesson: Our sessions cater to all skill levels, from complete beginners to cantering and jumping. If you’re starting out, our experienced instructors will guide you through the basics of stopping, steering, and trotting. For the more advanced riders, our instructors tailor the sessions to suit your skills, providing a challenge.


🎠 Pony Games/Trek: Season / weather depending riders will either have leisurely pony trek or competitive horseback games.


🧼 Pony Care and Stable Management: Learn the ABCs of caring for ponies with our hands-on session. From grooming and leading to feeding, discover the simple joys of connecting with these wonderful animals. Plus, get a behind-the-scenes look at stable management by lending a hand in mucking out stables – it’s a teamwork activity that’s surprisingly rewarding!

Activities differ for each session


Duration: 2hrs

Time: 11am – 1pm

Price: £50





OR CONTACT 07738516106

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Sensory Sessions - Autism & SEN Friendly

Every Saturday 10:15am

B.R.I.D.L.E – Bringing Riding Into Disabled Lives Equally runs every Saturday morning for our Autism-Friendly Sensory Horse Riding Sessions, designed for children and adults.

Our mission is to make the joy of horse riding accessible to everyone. Each week offers a new adventure, from engaging horseback games and exciting obstacle courses to peaceful scenic trails. Come and experience the fun, therapeutic benefits, and the sheer delight of riding in a supportive and inclusive environment.

These sessions aren’t just for individuals; they’re perfect for the whole family to get involved.


For more information see:




OR CONTACT 07738516106




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Private Sessions

Choose From:

Family Adventure Rides




Private Countryside Treks




Private Lessons



Private Adventure Ride (for groups of 4 or more persons)


Birthday Parties


Contact Us To Book Your Session on 07738516106

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Took my two granddaughters..Ella and Katie to Crindle Stables for a Christmas treat….they had an hour of fun… Amy and Hannah are just the loveliest of girls so friendly and great with the wee ones.They will definitely be back again. And a shout out to Sophie who we got talking to with a world of information..Thank you girls we had a fun time. xx

Queenie McGonigal

Best day for our kids!!

Both our boys (age 2+3) had the best time. Thanks to the staff for their patience and for making sure both kids had a fun time riding and brushing the horses. They haven’t stopped asking us to go back!

Jacob Arnold

Fabulous experience!!

Our daughter absolutely loved it – she is only 20 months and the team took their time to introduce her to lots of ponies and horses first, then showed her other children wearing their helmets so that she wasn’t scared by the time it was her time to ride the pony. They did lots of different exercises and built up their confidence. A great experience and we would definitely do regular lessons if we lived in the area. Thanks very much!

Hilary Hansen

Canice and I took our 2 boys to Crindle stables this afternoon for a surprise birthday experience. Hazel, Trevor, Amy, Adam and their amazing team made the experience fantastic. Our boys can’t stop talking about the wonderful horse’s. Very professional service we are already talking about our next visit!

Joanne Callaghan
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